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Tutorial Hoarders

This thread in Polycount has a TON of great tutorials. It looks to be mostly for gaming, but they are great to view. If you are needing help with texturing for games or pixel art, this is definitely the place for you. There are also some other great links that will take you to things such as hotkey guides for zbrush and project breakdowns, among other things. If you know about the greatness that is pintrest, this thread will lead you to links of peoples pintrest who have collected great resources. Big thanks to Niuva of polycount who did this. Check out their great collection.



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Lester Banks Tutorials

I always find myself at this site whenever I am having some trouble understanding something. He has some great workflows and simple-to-follow tutorials for After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Mocha, Mudbox, and a few others. He also delves into different renderers such as V-ray and Arnold. So if you have free time look into his site and maybe what you need is in there.






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VISCorbell Tutorials

viscorbel VIS Corbell has a good bit of great tutorials on their website. Most are 3ds Max or Vray based but you could still apply them to other programs. There are many others also that are worth looking at. Check out their website and see what you find.

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Character Creation Series

If you want to learn about the character creation workflow in zBrush, then this tutorial is for you. Benjamin Shukrallah  does a great job at explaining through these tutorials. I’ve never used blender, but the zbrush part was great. Thanks!


Tutorials for Modeling and Sculpting Blender and Zbrush characters


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Making of

Here are some “Making of” projects that I just loved. They are well done in both composition and art direction.  Hope you enjoy them as much as me and if you like them, then visit the artists website to view their other things. They are also good for helping you along a project.





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Vray: Rendering and Compositing Channels

So the other day I was working on comping a multi-channel exr in nuke, and I found some good information on how to do it as well as a few other interesting tid-bits of information.





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Advanced Lighting Techniques

I’m not a great lighter so I need help to figure out the angles and a 3-point lighting set-up, among other things.  I found this great video by Chris Morris on vimeo who does a heartwarming lighting tutorial for us little people.  Just so you know, this is for Cinema4d. I knowwwwww, it’s not maya, but the same concepts here can apply to other 3d programs. Give it a chance.  Anyways, after this video, make sure to visit the other videos involved with this one and learn to create some cool things.



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Vray render Settings

There are many ways to set up the settings in vray to render. If you are a beginner, maybe you just want to play around and need something to get started with. Here is a pdf from the Chaos Group that shows you some basic settings for Vray’s render settings.  Parts of it are a little over the top for beginners and includes a little mel, but it won’t hurt you, trust me.

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Vray rendering System

Here is something that could help you understand Vray and the parameters to control the different areas. Not really a tutorial but more of a dictionary on how the everything in vray works. Sometimes vray can be a little daunting especially if you are trying to figure out what controls what. Maybe this will help. This comes from the Chaos group which is the group that created vray. This help guide will definitely come in handy for vray beginners.




VRay Rendering System 1.5SP5

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Be Aware

Hey everyone(mostly me), I want to bring up this website that has a SLEW of tutorials. Not just for maya either, but has tutorials for a bunch of 3d and even 2d programs. Some include 3ds Max, Photoshop, After effects, Softimage, ZBrush, Mudbox, etc. *Phew. Yes, it’s definitely quite a lot of different programs for tutorials. I’ve looked at a hefty amount of them and they are extremely great. A lot are “Making Of’s” but the details that are along side how these projects are done will definitely show you some great things. But don’t just look at their tutorials, look at the rest of the site. It’s full of great things such as Job Postings, CG News, Galleries, Texture Ref., videos, and you can even submit work or things to help them out such as textures. Give credit where credit is due and thank them if you find their site as great as I did.