CG AnnTics

A Copacetic Place for All of my CG Material


I just graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with my BFA in Animation. I love all aspects of cg and the pipeline, but I swerve irresponsibly towards texture and surfacing. My minor is Technical Direction, so there is A LOT of scripting based classes, but also great look dev classes. They were probably the most fun out of all my classes. Of course ALL classes are fun *cough*(not history)…… Anyways, I hail from the south, but I can’t call myself a southern girl. No accent here. This blog is meant for me to vent on current cg things I come across, tutorials that I want to keep track of, and maybe it will encourage me to continue to post progress shots of what I am doing…maybe. You can look at my website. I will list it below.  Nothing fancy. Of all the things I DO understand, website hosting is NOT one of them. It’s like when taking a test: you know it all before the test but then you forget when the test starts, only difference is I don’t know before the test, or after.

Hobbies? Yes, I have them. The recluse in me opts for some social wandering but I digress. I enjoy reading books, watching movies and cartoons, surfing the inter webs, working on some personal projects…..wait, none of that is social…..uuuhhh, I go see movies with friends, so I guess that counts(but no talking while the movie plays!!) My roommates wander in my room sometimes and we have a nice chat, about cg stuff. I enjoy sitting in my favorite coffee shop and spending 3 hours there talking about nonsense with friends with COFFFEEEEEEEEE. See? I’m totally social.

Also, the name of this blog took me a day to name. It’s rather ingenious(meaning I didn’t come up with it). My middle name is Ann, so, CG(we all know what that is), Ann(for my middle name), and the tics(pun on antics).  GENIOUS! GENIOUS! GENIOUS!

There is enough “about” me on this page I suppose.  HUZAHHH!

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