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VISCorbell Tutorials

viscorbel VIS Corbell has a good bit of great tutorials on their website. Most are 3ds Max or Vray based but you could still apply them to other programs. There are many others also that are worth looking at. Check out their website and see what you find.

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Be Aware

Hey everyone(mostly me), I want to bring up this website that has a SLEW of tutorials. Not just for maya either, but has tutorials for a bunch of 3d and even 2d programs. Some include 3ds Max, Photoshop, After effects, Softimage, ZBrush, Mudbox, etc. *Phew. Yes, it’s definitely quite a lot of different programs for tutorials. I’ve looked at a hefty amount of them and they are extremely great. A lot are “Making Of’s” but the details that are along side how these projects are done will definitely show you some great things. But don’t just look at their tutorials, look at the rest of the site. It’s full of great things such as Job Postings, CG News, Galleries, Texture Ref., videos, and you can even submit work or things to help them out such as textures. Give credit where credit is due and thank them if you find their site as great as I did.