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Sensory Senior Film

PosterSensory is my senior 3D animation film at Savannah College of Art & Design.
The story is about a young girl named Tera who has the task to go to a dark, deserted island in search of a mysterious plant. In the process of finding the plant, the already dark forest becomes even darker when the ground suddenly gives way underneath her. She is plunged deeper where sight is non-existent. The only way for her to get out is to use her other senses. Upon touch, she recognizes the difference in trees and plants, and they help light her way out.

This was her character design after many trial and errors. This ended up not being completely accurate either. Her hair style changed.  I wanted to keep her ambiguous. So her hair ended up being the messy bedhead boy style (she is living my dream of avoiding proper hair care

-__- ).

First sketch renders of what her hair would be like. The braid was nice, but it seemed too nice to go with the dirty atmosphere she is/would be in.

Expression sheet! And other things!

expression_sheet tera_hair_modelsheet

character_design_girl assets

I had fun drawing these….then I had to do a model sheet.*blegh. Turnarounds are about the hardest thing I have had to do. It had to be just right so the modeler could understand the proportions. But me and organic don’t get along. When I got to the skyflier…..ohhhhhhh man. That was like eating dark chocolate covered espresso beans(if you know what I mean).


Colorscripts!!!!! Trust me, I needed them. I originally started painting the ship in zbrush without reference, but it turned up pretty bad, and I’m not for the whole generic table-flip scene, but if I wasn’t close to doing it at the time.


This is a lighting script for the main light changes. It goes from Morning, inside the forest, to evening.  A friend of mine did them, and she did really well to match what I was looking for. I didn’t care if they were perfect drawings, it’s more the feeling and mood that matters.

Sensory_cs_03 Sensory_cs_03_b&w

My character, Tera, was originally going to have actual hair(well maya fur), but time wouldn’t allow for getting it correct and simulation tests.  I couldn’t just put hair on her and leave it static, that wouldn’t look good. So we ended up doing geometry, and with the help of a friend, I added dynamics to the hair polys. But here is an early hair test of what it would look like:


Here is the model of the little skyflyer with textures on.  I wanted to give it a warm earthy tone like that of copper. Since the characters society is of a village, I was thinking these things would be made roughly, so the metal is hammered and shaped by hand, making it imperfect. The glass is too perfect so I ended up throwing a layer of dirt on it.


All textures are currently done, for the most part. Handed my shots to my lighter. While she lights, I will attempt some measly animation. I cannot say I totally suck at it, but I am no James Crossley.

Here is the semi-final Lighting progress of each shot. I liked my lighting better than anything. But I found some inconsistencies and had to fix them.


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