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My Senior Film

If you are wondering(probably not) about the progress of my senior film, let me present my defense to the court….it’s incomplete. Yes, sadly I haven’t finished it to my standards and much has to be redone. I am sad about this, but I feel it needs more love. I managed to finish something for graduation, but it isn’t anywhere NEAR what I want it to be. Doing my film was like eating cake…..maybe. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ate the whole thing then fell into a food coma. With my film, my mind had all these plans, but it didn’t think of time so it wasn’t to standard.  Anyways, I’m still working at it. Not as often as I should though. I Just finished building my computer and now I can do all sorts of things! My laptop just wasn’t cutting it when it came to handling CG programs. Now, I never leave my computer. Anyways, I DO have work that I want to show. Even if its crappy, I will still put it up. I need myself to believe I am actually doing work and not bumming of my parents for no reason.

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The Search Continues

So I’ve been a little MIA for a while, but fear not little blog that keeps track of tutorials for me. Yes, I am not merely posting these tutorials for other people, but more for me to remember and not have to search all over to find them! I know right where they are. Right here. Hiding, in this blog for future looksies. So during the time I HAVE been gone, I didn’t really stop my search on awesome tutorials. I shall commence the posting of tutorials for mine(and others) viewing pleasure.

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Where I’ve Been

It’s been a while since my last post which I am really sorry about. My senior film along with other films and projects has kept me away. I wish I had more time to work on it honestly, but the finished product I got for a 15 week project was okay. I am satisfied for now, but trust me, it won’t be the end. I plan to get better at animation and rigging. I think that the major downfall of my film was the animation, among other baby things, but animation was the top thing. My film will be on this blog in the Sensory tab.

Let me just say, if you have the chance to learn something new, learn it. Make yourself in-disposable  to others. This industry is in a shit hole right now, and being a specialist sucks sometimes. Large companies want to hire specialists, but they only hire the best. And if you’re like me, and just an average Joe, it becomes difficult to compete with great people for the spot in that large company. It sucks to admit being average at what you do, but when you accept that part of you for now then it gets better. Just think about it this way, “I’m average now, but eventually I will be great later from experience.” The only way to get experience is to start small and build up, meaning small companies. Small companies don’t want specialists, they want generalists.

I hope this little blog can help you learn a bit. I will hopefully post more tutorials and interesting things I find on here. Learn on!

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Luxology/Foundry Make Modo Baby!!

My major is animation, but I sure wish I could switch to vsfx  right now just looking at some of the new fx visualizations in the new, upcoming Modo. This video featuring the new Modo 701 releases very soon. One of my favorite program companies, The Foundry, merged with Luxology around the middle of last year(2012),  and if you don’t know the Foundry, they are the ones that have created some of the best software out there for animation and fx based cg; the compositing program Nuke, the most wonderful high grade texturing program Mari (which I will be spending an entire quarter exploring), Modo, Furnace, Hiero, Katana, and many others.  And Modo is like Maya in a way. It’s an artist friendly 3D software package that combines modeling, painting, animation and rendering in a single integrated powerful package.  Version 601 is out currently, and with this new release of 701,  users will notice a big difference, especially with its new procedural particle engine. But checkout some of the new features here:


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Epic Movie From BlueSky Studios

I have many friends working in BlueSky studios and some are even working on this film. Epic is looking to be one of the best animated movies of this year. It’s a story about a young girl who goes to live in a cabin with a pug dog and her father who has spent most of his time studying these little warrior people that protect the forest. More to say, he looks as if he wants to prove they are there and they exist, and spends most of the time looking like a crazed scientist from what I gather. But one day, the professor(father) doesn’t return from one of his study excursions so his daughter goes into the forest to look for him. Hasn’t she watched any horror movies? If someone goes missing don’t follow and go into the dark forest alone! Bad things happen! She goes anyway and she comes upon falling, glowing leaves. She catches one(bad idea, but I’d do the same), and is shrunk. Honey, who shrunk the girl that walked into the forest? Well, she discovers the little warriors her dad told her about, and they are known as the leafmen. All of this adds up to her having to help them defeat bad guys in a war to save the forest all while figuring out how to get home.

There aren’t enough words to say how excited I am to see this movie. The characters are cute and have their own quirky personality, namely, the slugs.  The textures look phenomenal and the lighting is just as inspiring. And it’s all in a forest! I mean, I have a forest in my senior film, but nothing compared. I find making a baby forest incredibly hard,  so I can’t even imagine how long it took to get this forest together with all of it’s assets. So for all the people who watch movies like these and have no idea what it takes to make one, try to look up more info and appreciate the people who put time into it. Years are put into a movie like this and to get it to look this beautiful. So, to promote the solidarity of the animation studios and vsfx houses, try to sit through the credits and look at the peoples names. Such as who did the surfacing/textures, who worked on the lighting, and even the little people who kept the workers going by bringing coffee and fixing the technical issues. Try to understand how much cg artists put into making a movie(which I think is way more than the actors). The top 10 blockbusters are heavy vsfx based movies. I’m pretty sure that most people these days are drawn to heavy vsfx based movies and it’s not because of the actors. Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent.  But watch Epic when it is released in theaters May 24th, it’s going to be….EPIC.

Here is a link to look at some great things on Epic. Also, 2 trailers were released, so you can view them on youtube.


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Support the VSFX Industry!!

In lieu of the protest that occurred on February 24, 2013 at the Oscar’s and how I am utterly disappointed with the way everything was handled, this post will be a rant. So yesterday at the 2013 Academy Awards where Life of Pi, the visually stunning movie that came out last year, directed by Ang Lee. Now, I loved this movie. It was beautiful and the story was engrossing. I even teared up, and this film deserved the awards it received. But this movie couldn’t have been done without the visual effects crew from Rhythm & Hues. They put in longs hours of hard work to make this film great. A lot of people, and I mean A LOT, don’t really understand how much effort and time is put into making a film with this amount of effects. My grandmother didn’t even know that the tiger was’n real; safe to say her mind was blown. Now, majority of this film was done through effects but I feel they didn’t get the credit they really deserved. The protest that happened was due to the fact R&H filled for chapter 11 bankruptcy and a large amount of the people who worked on this film didn’t even receive paychecks; no paychecks for a movie that received an Oscar. Now that is a twisted bunch of nonsense. And when the bankruptcy was about to be acknowledged, the speaker was cut short by the Jaws theme. Not only did they land one low blow, when director Ang Lee was presented an award, nothing was said about the problems. Talk about selfish. He wouldn’t have gotten the award if not for the artists behind the scenes. Now sit and imagine: what would the films in the past 10 years look like without visual effects. They would be utterly horrible.  I want to thank everyone that is in support  of this low blow to the animation/vsfx studios, and if you want to support, turn your profile pics to green and make people aware that even though all these actors and directors get all the money and glory, it’s the artists that they step on for this fame. If it wasn’t for them, nothing would be possible.

This is an open letter to Ang Lee:


Some other links to guide you more in search of what is really going on:,0,6313077.story


And here is how my friends and I have supported in our own way and how others support:


green greenscreen




Even if it’s small, maybe we can help to bring the right eyes to look on the situation. GO VSFX!


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3D Artist Magazine

When you get the chance to wander around a Barnes & Noble or any other book stores that sell magazines, then go look for this magazine. If you like cg things and want to learn something cool, ways other people handle something, or you just want to look at the projects, this magazine is for you. It’s a bit expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. It holds a variety of digital pieces from a variety of different programs. You can even submit your work to it! The projects were inspiring to me. Especially the sculptures and textures. Issue 39 had a wonderfully done elfman smoking near a mushroom. So cute.  Anyways, check this out and maybe, if you’re good enough, send them some work and see if it will be published. ( btw this is a great way to market yourself) GOOD LUCK!

3D_Artist_Magazine 047b12bda667444bf56a2198f3b31e011d7d8e32c947d5eb26e0b8b566c35f19

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Impressive Site

So I get impressed very easily when it comes to cg things. I am currently working on a realistic face model to buff up my reel and I was recommended to look at this sight. Mostly for the way he implements the minor details. This guy does a breakdown on how he applies certain aspects, and one aspect was small amounts of fur on the face. Majority of us have a hairy beast face, whether its small,blonde and unnoticeable or curly locks for a beard with a bead on the end. This guy’s characters are crazy good before, but when he adds that fur….well, exhilaration punched me in the face and I got a bruise for 2 weeks. You have no idea how much I was inspired. BACK TO WORK!

CloseUpPortrait_galleryLook at this!

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Coolest CG Site to Follow

Well, I facebook follow(that what it’s called?) a cg site that posts great topic and videos on all the happenings. They recently released a little breakdown of Brave’s Merida and how her hair was accomplished. As a hair/fur enthusiast I must oblige you to take a wee gander(* says in Scottish accent). Ya won’t be disappointed.