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Making of

Here are some “Making of” projects that I just loved. They are well done in both composition and art direction. ┬áHope you enjoy them as much as me and if you like them, then visit the artists website to view their other things. They are also good for helping you along a project.





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Vray: Rendering and Compositing Channels

So the other day I was working on comping a multi-channel exr in nuke, and I found some good information on how to do it as well as a few other interesting tid-bits of information.





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Cute Girl

I was inspired by a friend of mine and did a speed sculpt. He always posts them, and its wonderful. I noticed the more he did them, the better he got. If I try, maybe I too will get better. So here is my first one. I still wanted to work on her, but my back started to hurt. She probably took me 2 hours. Not very speedy, I know, but I kept getting up for snacks and dinner so I am estimating.



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Gauche Suede WIP

Okay, this guy is based off of Gauche from Tegami Bachi(a manga). I liked his appearance so I used him as reference. Although, his partner is actually some type of dog-fox thing in the manga, I went with a panther like animal instead. He may end up looking totally different in the end though. I am really excited to play with fur again.



Original panther model by Aditya Sharma. Panther model updated.
A link to his website: