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Vray: Rendering and Compositing Channels

So the other day I was working on comping a multi-channel exr in nuke, and I found some good information on how to do it as well as a few other interesting tid-bits of information.





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Cute Girl

I was inspired by a friend of mine and did a speed sculpt. He always posts them, and its wonderful. I noticed the more he did them, the better he got. If I try, maybe I too will get better. So here is my first one. I still wanted to work on her, but my back started to hurt. She probably took me 2 hours. Not very speedy, I know, but I kept getting up for snacks and dinner so I am estimating.



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Gauche Suede WIP

Okay, this guy is based off of Gauche from Tegami Bachi(a manga). I liked his appearance so I used him as reference. Although, his partner is actually some type of dog-fox thing in the manga, I went with a panther like animal instead. He may end up looking totally different in the end though. I am really excited to play with fur again.



Original panther model by Aditya Sharma. Panther model updated.
A link to his website:

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Goblin Head

So I have been working on this guy a little here and there. I think I spend more time experimenting with things then actually finishing projects. Which is bad. I have SO many projects that I started, but haven’t finished. Either I am never satisfied with them or I think I finish and then watch a tutorial then learn I can do something about my project to make it better.
But, this is a progression of renders I was playing with. I started to add some hair to him. The first 2 renders are in Keyshot because I just bought the program and wanted to see what the skin shader looked like in it. The shader itself looks nice, but the amount of control over subsurface and basic skin properties is lacking. Keyshot is a great lighting tool for models though, also if you want to put basic shaders on things(not painted maps).

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Cozy Attic

This one is a slow work in progress. When I finish the models (it’s going to be a cluster of randomness) and lighting, I will work on the rest of the look development. Some models I got from turbosquid, so thank you guys! I will post their usernames below and what model I used, so if you want to go onto turbosquid and download them, you can. It’s also as an appreciation to them. Thanks guys!

Decorative podium by  Wojtek g
Armchair by dimosbarbos
Lamp by  Tsukiyono
Cardboard box by JCihelka


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Futuristic Warehouse

I’ve been working on this on and off for a bit.  I found the reference photo online and I really liked the feeling I got from it. The bottom render messed up, but that was me playing with v-ray light rays. Maybe I will put a robot, or some metal contraption in the center, but this is a work in progress.







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Hong Kong Police Station

I did this a while back after I got back from Hong Kong. The Police station stood out from the other buildings. I can’t find my photo that I took of it, but it’s in ShamShuiPo if you want to see an image.  My model isn’t completely accurate….I couldn’t see the whole thing, just the facade and part of the side. The rest was fenced off.

police_station police_station_closeUp